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At Fresh Digs we believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy their garden regardless of its limitations. There are no limitations, only opportunities. We believe that everyone should have the chance to grow and eat fresh organic fruit and vegetables in the space of their own home. No matter if you have a large garden or small patio, we believe your garden can invigorate the senses and rejuvenate yourself as you bring nature to your home. That’s why we design and construct raised vegetable beds to suit your space with personalised planting schemes. We also offer a wide range of gardening services to enable you to enjoy your precious moment within a garden that you are proud of.

Please have a look at our ‘Who We Are’ section to see how we strive towards gardening in an ethical manner which is sustainable and wildlife friendly.






Fresh Digs offer a wide range of gardening services. Please see the services section for the full range of services that we offer.

Jason Smith is the Managing Director of Fresh Digs. “I primarily wanted to set up a gardening company that promoted growing your own healthy organic produce in the space of your own home. Hence why we are fond of specialising in designing and building raised vegetable beds alongside personlised planting schemes. We also like to incorporate vegetables within your existing garden. However, being green fingered I enjoy all forms of gardening so we pride ourselves in offering top quality gardening services. The service is considerate of plants, personalised to your tastes and is completed by our knowledgeable and trained team members. We take note of what is in your garden and care for those plants accordingly. I am very eco-conscious so Fresh Digs will always strive to offer an organic, sustainable alternative. We prioritise organic weedkiller, natural materials and wood treatments and we have state of the art battery powered equipment which is kinder to the environment than petrol alternatives.”




Lawn Maintenance & Care

At Fresh Digs we will not only cut your grass but treat and care for it also. We are trained to provide treatments from spring to autumn to provide you with a revitalised, greener, softer and tougher lawn. Each lawn is different so we will tailor the care accordingly.


Landscaping And Design

If you have a garden or area that needs to be renewed or restored then we offer a design service where we can offer creative ideas for a new layout and planting composition. We also undertake landscape work if you require new beds, borders, patio, chippings or paths. We believe a garden should awaken all the senses and cater to all your needs. Whether that’s enjoying a coffee on a fresh morning, having a family bbq in the sun or taking the time to enjoy a peaceful intimate moment we can help you design the garden that inspires you.


Raised Vegetable Beds and Planting Schemes

We specialise in designing and building raised vegetable beds and will provide you with a bespoke fruit and vegetable planting scheme so that you will be able to enjoy a abundance of organic crop throughout the whole year. We believe this is rewarding for the whole family, especially children as they dig up potatoes like buried treasure!

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Weed Control

Not only do we offer a weed control service by removing weeds by hand but we also offer a weed spraying service. This is particularly useful when you have deep rooted weeds such as dandelions and plantain within your patio, driveway or gravel path. Our qualified team have City and Guilds PA1 and PA6 certificates and we give priority to organic herbicides wherever possible.

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Plant Care and Maintenance

This includes feeding with the correct formulation, pruning at the appropriate time of year and weeding borders and beds by hand. We will also take into consideration the plants location and whether it is in a coastal or exposed area.

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Hedge Cutting

We offer a hedge cutting service whether it’s one large shrub or a tall hedge. We can prune your Pittosporum, trim your Taxus baccata or even re‐shape your Rhododendron.

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Assisted Gardening

We are aware that people of certain ages or abilities are not able to undertake particular tasks or need help in doing so. We are pleased to work alongside you so that you are able to embrace nature and immerse your hands in the soil to tend your beloved garden.

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Patio Maintenance

A patio can become dirty or even dangerous over time. Whether it’s a build up of dirt and grime or uneven slabs we can help clean or repair your patio so you can feel safe standing on your patio or enjoy looking at it once again.



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